Monday, April 9, 2007

Long awaited South Mountain Ride

So after countless attempts to ride with Wendy, mostly foiled by the lack of a babysitter. She decided to go with me to south mountain, and cruise up it. We also met up with Kevin and his Wife Brynn.

She says she was really sore after the whole ride, but it was worth it, and she thanked me for showing her something shes never experienced.. There should be a few rides in our future..

Here she is showin how crazy she wanted to get on the curves! She kept saying "Faster, Faster"

Heres a pic of all of us without all our gear on:

And of course, the bike pics:

Sunday, April 8, 2007

APS Riders Group, Motorcycle Ride

The APS Riders group met for a ride on saturday morning, this is what it entails!
This ride was quite a fun adventure, we began in NW phoenix, headed thru wickenburg. Then took off for Yarnell Hill. Once we got to the top, we ate some breakfast, then hit the road again. This time we were headed for Bagdad. Those were some fun roads!!

Click here for the onboard video, (Bryan was recording, this starts at the bottom of yarnell hill, and goes all the way to the top:

You'll have to be patient with me, my video editing skills are "under construction".. nevertheless I thought it was a great trip!!

This was Hans in the lead, I was pushin it pretty hard to keep up.. its a Sunday stroll for him tho!

Click here for the fast road between Yarnell and Bagdad:

Here was a semi-professional video i threw together to pass out to the APS Riders Group:

Thanks Dad for the trip!!! This was the most fun out of all of them so far!! Love you!
Heres my dad cruisin on the Goldwing (Sorry its so short, the camera died!!):

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday!!

We started teh day off with Caiden ready to check out what this Easter Bunny stuff was all about. When he realized that this so called Easter Bunny leaves him candy in his Elmo bucket the Easter Bunny became the coolest person in the world. If you'd to see our Easter Morning, click on this:

We spent the afternoon with Grandpa and Grandma Croteau, the kids hunted eggs (And Grandpa hunted eggs too, he's the biggest kid of them all) and did a little swimming. We had some of Grandpas killer hambugers and hotdogs. Thank you Grandpa and Grandma for a wonderful afternoon!