Monday, October 6, 2008

A Sunday Afternoon

As many of you know we moved AGAIN. We are hoping this is the last time we move for a long time! We really like our house it is not too big and not too small. And the backyard is alot smaller than our last but Bryan is excited about that (less that he has to mow). The girls started thier new school last Monday and really seam to like it. They are also going to start swim team here in Surprise today! That is something that they really enjoy doing. We are also going to enroll Caiden in T-Ball basics, he is really excitied about that.

Yesteday was a wonderful day! The weather is finally nice enough that we can start spending some time outside so we walked to the park (the kids rode thier bikes). When we got there we decided to take the training wheels off Caidens bike just to see how he would do. To our suprise he did really well. He even learned how to stop without falling.

The kids really enjoyed playing at the park. Caiden rode home without his training wheels and was doing really good until he looked back and realized that I had let go. He ate it on the pavement and was really mad because I let go of him. We are going to try again.