Friday, August 15, 2008

Back to school!

Well the school year is under way, and very successful at that. The kids were all very excited to start school and reconnect with their friends. Yes all three of them have started including Caiden. He is now in the Monkeys class (does the name fit or what). The girls started 4th grade. Alexis has a male teacher for the first time and seems to be very excited about it.
I am begining classes on the 25th of August to work towards my AA. I am going to be one busy mom. Bryan is still working from home and enjoying it. We have another addition to our family, we now have 2 turtles. Caiden named them both "C" and "O". He is learning the alpabet so he is a little obsessed with letter. Sorry I dont have any recent pictures of the kids to post but will work on that for next time.