Friday, June 27, 2008

Summer is a BUSY time for the Croteau family!

Wow it has been a long time since the last time we posted anything. We just celebrated our one year anniversary and still to this day Caiden thinks that he got married. Since the last post we have moved to the other side of town into an amazing house. The kids love it because they have a BIG backyard with green grass that my wonderful husband works so hard on.

We have had a jam packed summer so far! We went to San Diego the beginning of June for four days, two of those days we spent at Sea World, one day we spent on the Beach. We all had a blast.

Caiden is swimming all by himself thanks to Ms Lyndsey the best swim teacher in the world. We have spent alot of time in the pool to help deal with the heat.
Last weekend we went to the lake, the kids had a blast using the tube. Caiden loved jumping in and swimming out and jumping back in again, man is he a crazy boy! The girls like to be in the tube but don't really care to be dangling in the lake (they are afraid the fish are going to bite their feet). We also took Dezire and Xavier with us to the lake and of course Dezire was all about all of it and Xavier on the other hand it took us almost two hours to even get him in the water. After we finally got him in the water and in the tube we could only go about 2 miles an hour before he would scream STOP! He does not really care for stuff like that and I don't think that he wants to got to the lake with us ever again.

The kids are getting ready to go spend the week up in the nice cool pines of Lakeside, AZ with grandpa. I think they are going to go camping (good thing because they will never get that experience with me I don't like to go camping). We will be spending the weekend of the 4th of July up there to get away from the heat.