Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Caiden's Birthday Party 3/17/2001

So the birthday party went very well!! We want to thank everyone who could attend, and those that brought gifts, it ended up a great day for Caiden. (He didn't even get fussy!!!)

For those that weren't with us, we had a Monster Truck jumping castle setup and all the kids had a great time, jumping, and playing basketball. Caiden was so excited until they came to pick it up. He went out and just watched them as they cleaned and packed up, when they left the backyard he said "My Castle". When he woke up the next morning he walked out to the backyard and said "where is my castle, I wanna jump"!

To those of you that purchased gifts that make noise, thank you very much, he plays with them every single day. Makes Mom happy!!

The next day was Caidens actual Birthday, he thinks that when Daddy puts him on the bike and rides the bike into the garage he has actually gone a ride (that is as far asMommy will let him go) as you can see from the picture he loves this time that he spends with his Daddy!

He really like his cake, this is evident from looking at this picture! He is even cute with cake all over his face!!

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